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Reap What Ye Sow
Reap What Ye Sow
Mission information
Faction APR
Given by Prosper Kouassi and Nicholas Greaves
Start Pala
End Police Station
Previous Next
Cop Killer Junkyard Dog

Reap What Ye Sow is a primary mission during Act I in Far Cry 2.

The mission is given to the player by Prosper Kouassi and Nicholas Greaves, at the APR HQ in Pala.


The APR wants you to destroy a shipment of natural gas which belongs to the UFLL. The gas is contained in a tanker car impervious to small-arms fire.

Objectives and Walkthrough Edit

Main Objective Edit

You need to destroy the traincar at the North Railyard. The traincar is at the centre of the area. Destroy it with explosives to complete the mission.

Location Objective
Pala Receive the mission objective.
North Railyard Head to the rail yard and destroy the tanker.

Subverted Mission Edit

Train wreck

The train wreck

Your buddy will ask you to meet him at the safehouse south-east of the North Railyard. He wants you to kill an UFLL official hiding out at the Cattle Xing. He is holding back the train full of UFLL men and your buddy wants them to respond to the action.

Head to Cattle Xing east of the safehouse. Find the official in the building and kill him. Next proceed to the Railyard and destroy the tanker. Once the car is destroyed, head north-west to the location where your buddy is about to ambush the car full of troops. Help your buddy eliminate all the troops to complete the mission.

Location Objective
Safehouse southeast of the North Railyard Meet your buddy at the safehouse.
Cattle Xing Kill the UFLL official at the ranch.
North Railyard Destroy the tanker car at the rail yard.
Rail tracks east of PetroSahel. Proceed to the ambush point and help eliminate all UFLL troops.

Notes Edit

  • You will find a used AR-16 at the Safehouse where you meet your buddy.

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