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Rajgad Gulag is a location and fortress within Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

The fortress belongs to Pagan Min and is easier to take down once he is dealt with. There are many overlapping lines of sight which make it the most difficult fortress in the game. Targeting the snipers that overwatch the rest of the compound makes things much easier.

Tactical TipsEdit

As expected, this fortress is harder to sneak into. You can't simply climb a rope up a nearby hill and bypass the wall like with the three others. You can, however, enter through a tunnel located at the base of the west side wall. You will come up beneath the main building, and can lure some enemies into the tunnel with rocks before eliminating them out of sight of the others. From there you can move to the left and then up into the main building, eliminating enemies as you go. The main building is the perfect high ground to identify and/or eliminate the remaining enemies from.

Obtaining a buzzer at another point and flying to the hill above the fortress allows the player to pick off troops inside the walls. This tactic is also useful for dealing with reinforcements, as the hill provides some cover and a good view of the enemies.


Gallery Edit

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RajgadGulag view 3
RajgadGulag view 2

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