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Rail Xing

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Barge below the bridge

Region Bowa Seko
Rail Xing

The Rail Xing is an APR-occupied location in the south-east of the Southern Territory.

It is the most southerly point of the railway and also where it ends. It is a difficult location to get to because there are no bus stops near it and only one long road leading down a narrow strip of land to it. The area itself consists of a single guard post with regular ammunition piles right before the bridge. There is a Hang Glider beside it.

The centre of the Rail Xing is the very large metal bridge. One UFLL mission requires you to kill Yabek on the barge below it. The far side of the bridge has a narrow path downhill, and the tunnel the railway goes through is blocked. Enemies usually appear down the narrow path. Yabek's barge is located directly under the bridge. If you subvert this mission, you will destroy the bridge after visiting the crash site.

Farther south of here the river thins and ends with a stunning waterfall. There are some ancient artefacts and old clay pots here, as well as diamonds.

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