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Rabid Dog

Wildlife: Rabid Dog

"The dog population on this big rock is mostly infected with rabies; they've even made a local pact to shoot them on sight. If only I could get the same pact signed for my in-laws."
— Survival Guide

Rabid Dogs are feral dogs that can be found in Far Cry 3. Unlike other predators, they can be observed almost everywhere, even in larger animal territories. The Rabid Dogs can be seen hunting goats, deer, pigs and even buffalo in packs of at least three.

When the player comes across a pack of Rabid Dogs, the animals will start walking toward them, growling and howling but not immediately attacking. As soon as one of the creatures starts running, the player will attempt to be grabbed. A few gunshots can disperse the animals, but they must be killed quickly before the packs regroup.

Despite being the smallest land predator on the Rook Islands, the Rabid Dogs can be very dangerous in packs of 4 to 5, which can quite easily kill the player if not prepared for battle. The Rabid Dog packs can also provide great distraction in Outposts, since a single dog can take down at least one enemy before being killed. However, it is not recommended to rely on several dogs to get rid of more than a few Pirates.

Like most of the animals, they can be skinned and their hides, the Dog Skins, can be used in Crafting:


  • A good way to escape Rabid Dogs is to jump into water, or to climb on a rock, where the player will be able to kill the animals without being bitten.
  • Rabid Dog fur is terribly affected by a mange-like disease. Since rabies does not make mammals lose their fur, it can be assumed that the animals suffer from a secondary disease alongside the rabies, most likely mange. It is also possible that these are simply scars that they received from battling with other animals and/or humans. Another possibility is that it is a form of DFTD (Devil Facial Tumour Disease), DFTD looks like patches or bumps of damaged fur/skin. It is a transmissible cancer meaning it is contagious in a way. The disease is exclusive to the Tasmanian Devils of Australia but it could be a fictional form that plagues the Rabid Dogs.
  • Jason cannot get rabies from being bitten by a Rabid Dog. The same applies for venomous Snakes and Komodo Dragons.
  • Two kinds of Rabid Dogs exist: grey and brown.
  • Dingoes and Rabid Dogs are very similar in appearance but have clear differences. Dingoes are in much better physical condition, are not scared by fire and gunshots and are much more aggressive when threatened or attacked (however they will not attack Jason unless they are harmed or he stays in their territory for too long).
  • A side quests and some Path of the Hunter quests will ask the player to hunt and kill Rabid Dogs.
  • In the Rabid Dog's handbook entry, it is said that most of the dogs on the Rook Islands are rabid which suggests that Dingoes and the pirates' Guard Dogs may be rabid as well (confirmed by skinning for Guard Dogs, unconfirmed for Dingoes) though this might be nothing more than hysteria and panic since the Dingoes and the Guard Dogs do not display abnormal aggression which is a symptom of rabies due to the swelling brain rubbing against the skull.
  • While looting human corpses or boxes, you may find 'Dog Meat' which seems to be Rabid Dog meat.