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Quad Bike

"Quad Bikes were imported for recreation. Pirates like their fun to be extreme, you know, like Persians, Texans and residents of New Jersey."
— Survival Guide

Quad Bikes are small ATVs found around the Rook Islands in Far Cry 3. They are extremely useful for off-road short cuts to various locations. They are also the vehicle used in many Supply Drop quests. Quad Bikes are loud and pose a potential distraction to nearby animals, and a chance for dangerous animals to notice the player and advance. Quad Bikes are ideal for hunting but should be parked well away from the initial hunting spot. It is not a useful vehicle for taking over outposts, as it has low armour and the driver is exposed to any gunfire.

Hunter variantEdit

There is a rare variant of the standard Quad Bike.

One can be found on the first island, on the east side, at the pistol challenge between "Nat's Repairs" outpost and "Kell's Boat Repairs" outpost. You can also find the side mission "Dog Soldier" there.

Another can be found in the same mini-village where the side-mission "Light at the End of the Jungle" is located, also on the first island. It's spawn-chance is not 100%, but when it does appear, it will be parked near the NPC offering a shotgun challenge.

This Quad Bike has the same handling like any other of its kind, but unlike the others it has two goat horns strapped on the front luggage carrier and fur of some animal on its back.
2014-04-28 00001

The hunter's Quad

2014-04-28 00002

The hunter's Quad in driving view

Tips and Notes Edit

  • Watch your speed when driving around elevated areas since carelessness at high speeds will lead to death.
  • None of the human AI will use the Quad Bike, only Jason Brody can use this vehicle.
  • A Quad Bike is always located right in front of Citra's Temple.

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