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The Project at Eden's Gate is a doomsday cult led by Joseph Seed and his siblings during the events of Inside Eden's Gate and Far Cry 5.

They are highly militaristic with large arsenal of weaponry to oppress non-believers. However, unlike the past enemy factions of the Far Cry series, they are not as well-armed or well-trained in formal military training as a traditional paramilitary groups like the Privateers, Royal Army (Guards) or Mercenaries. As the result, most of the cult members are shown to be extremely amateur in fighting since some of them are shown to melee attack a Resistance member as opposed to shooting at them.

Despite their lack of military-grade weapons, they are the first enemy to own attack aircraft. However, their aircraft is either modified WWII-era fighters or agricultural planes outfitted with machine gun hardpoints.

They are also known to utilize scorched-earth tactics as well as terror/demoralization strategies, destroying farms and other potential supplies of the Resistance, holding hostages, as well as desecrating the cemeteries and graves belonging to the community.

The name of the project may be a reference due to his similarity to the religious group named Heaven's gate.

In trailers, the cult members are sometimes called "Peggies", that probably stands for Project at Eden's Gate.