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Privateer Sniper Elite

The Privateer Sniper Elite

The Privateer Sniper Elite is a type of Privateer in Far Cry 3.

Like other Privateers, they can be encountered on the Southern Island. Sniper Elites are very similar to normal Privateer Snipers in terms of behaviour, but are harder to kill and are able to reload slightly faster. Like Pirate Defender Bosses, they wear heavy body armour and can survive about twice as much damage as a Privateer Defender, making them the most durable non-Heavy infantry enemies in the game. They are only encountered in Wanted Dead quests, where they serve as the assassination target.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, their faces do not move either when talking or dying (Takedown). Same with Far Cry 4 NPC's, however thier faces has takedown aninmations.

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