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Privateer Recruit

The Recruit with P416

The Privateer Recruit is a type of Privateer in Far Cry 3. The Privateer Recruit is the weakest type of Privateer and is fairly easy to kill alone, but can become a serious problem in groups. However they're not seen in actual combat in the single player other than being occupants for the compound until after Jason Brody has killed Hoyt which renders their existence only to the map editor.

Trivia Edit

  • Jason Brody is forced to kill a Recruit in order to get undercover as a Privateer. Under the alias of Foster, Jason plans to kill Hoyt Volker and rescue his brother Riley
  • As the name implies, they are easily scared and lack proper combat training thus making them cannon fodder.
  • The word "Recruit" is stenciled on their body armor.
  • Few Privateer Recruits can be found in The Compound.
  • They are identical to Privateer Assaulters in terms of combat tactics and durability, despite the addition of a helmet to their armor.
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