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Privateer Assaulter

A Privateer outfitted with body armour and holding a P416

The Privateer Assaulter is a type of Privateer in Far Cry 3, a mercenary working for Hoyt Volker. They are first encountered on the Southern Island, and are tougher, smarter, and better equipped than their Pirate counterparts.


Privateer Assaulters are armed with P416's and can also use grenades occasionally. They are wearing body armour which gives them heightened damage resistance a compared to their Pirate equivalents. They are easy to kill alone, but are usually backed up by Privateer Defenders or Privateer Chargers that keep you suppressed while the Assaulter advances. Do not let them close the distance to you, since they can knock you down at extremely close ranges, leaving you vulnerable. They often work in squads with other Privateers and fight more professionally and tactically than Pirates. Privateer Assaulters and more always fire from the shoulder. This method increase stability and accuracy to have more chance to hit Jason.

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