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Primitive Machete
Primitive Machete
Damage High (extreme close-range only)
Price Unavailable at weapon shop.
The  Far Cry 2  Weapons
Melee Machete
(Homemade Machete · Primitive Machete)
Secondary Star .45 · Makarov · Silent Makarov 6P9 · Uzi · Eagle .50 · MAC-10 · M79 · IED · Flare Pistol · Craftsman Shotgun
Primary G3KA4 · AK-47 (Golden) · FAL · AR-16 · MP5 · Homeland 37 · SPAS-12 · USAS-12 · Silenced Shotgun · M1903 · SVD Dragunov · AS50 · MGL-140
Special PKM · M249 · RPG-7 · Carl Gustav · Dart Rifle · LPO-50 Flamethrower · Type 63 Mortar · Crossbow
Mounted Guns M2 .50 cal · M249 · Mk 19
Grenades M67 Grenade · Molotov

The Primitive Machete is a machete variant featured in Far Cry 2.

It can only be unlocked if an account is registered on just like for its counterpart, the Homemade Machete. This only changes the skin of the standard machete, i.e. the appearance.

Characteristics Edit

The Primitive Machete is given a black texture. The edge of the blade has been cut to a more straight appearance making it lose its cleaver-like outline.

Appearances Edit

The Primitive Machete appears only in Far Cry 2.

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