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The envelope containing your objectives

Predecessor tapes are recordings made by the player's predecessor. Predecessor missions are available for people who pre-ordered Far Cry 2 from GameStop, or if you input the correct codes in the Bonus Content screen at the main menu. You can obtain the correct codes from various cheat code sites.

After activating the bonus content, the first time you enter Pala's cease-fire zone, you’ll receive a phone call from an anonymous source. If you've just started a game, you'll receive the call after you complete the tutorial missions and exit the church after receiving your malaria medication from Father Maliya in the Delivery mission. After the phone call concludes, an envelope icon appears on your in-game map in the south-west sector, to the west of Mokuba.

Locations Edit

There are seven predecessor missions available in the game.

Leboa-Sako Edit

There are three tapes located in Leboa-Sako. After receiving a call from an anonymous source, you will notice an envelope icon on your map — to the west of Mokuba, right on the edge of the desert. When you visit the location, you will find an envelope on the table next to a derelict bus. When you pick-up the envelope, your objective will appear as a white icon on the map.

Bowa Seko Edit

There are also three tapes in Bowa Seko. Your phone will ring when you reach Port Selao for the first time, and a new envelope icon will appear at the Post Office.

Conclusion Edit

Once you have all six tapes you will get another phone call when you enter Port Selao revealing the location of your predecessor. He's located on the island, Sehlakalase in the middle of Lake Segolo. Follow the objective marker to the cabin to complete the set of bonus missions.

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