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Ghale Homestead garden

Ghale Homestead Garden

Plants Edit

These are the plants that are featured in Far Cry 4, used to craft syringes. There are six types of plants:

  • Green leaves are used to craft health restoration.
  • Red leaves enhances survival and hunting abilities.
  • White leaves help you turn the tide of a fight.
  • Purple leaves are used in the higher level syringes.
  • Yellow leaves improve survival and focus abilities.
  • Blue leaves enhance hunting and focus abilities.

Syringes Edit

Syringes are temporary enhancements to Ajay's abilities in Far Cry 4, be those related to Combat, Hunting, Exploration or Healing. The default syringe kit can hold up to 3 syringes of each type (excluding health syringes).There are five types of syringes:

Health Syringe - (two green plants) crafted right after you collect the required leaves. It heals two health bars, which you can increase by learning specific skills. They can also be purchased at Trading Posts.

Hunting Syringe - (blue and red plants) highlights your enemies and animals in the area nearby. The upgraded syringe allows you to walk quietly and to be completely ignored by animals (unless you provoke them). This is the perfect potion for hunters.

Survival Syringe - (red and yellow plants) reduces the damage taken you will take in a melee combat and fire, and decreases the chances of being stunned by your enemy. The upgraded syringe also reduces the damage taken from bullets.

Overdose Syringe - (white and purple plants) you are both dealing AND taking twice as much damage as usual. Use it if you are in fairly safe spot and you just want to eliminate your enemies as fast as possible.

Focus Syringe - (blue and yellow plants) you move a lot faster and you can stay longer under the water. The upgraded syringe allows you to dodge some of the bullets which will fly towards you, as well as receiving less damage.

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