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The Pirate Molotov Thrower is a type of Pirate similar to the Privateer Heavy Flamer, except being extremely reckless and weak. They carry a large amount of Molotovs and throw them at Jason in a rush. If a Molotov Thrower is shot below the head, the Molotov Cocktails on his belt will ignite and set him on fire. He will still try to kill Jason by running towards him. If you do not want to be set on fire yourself, kill him before he reaches you.

When spotting with the camera or by holding an aim on them, they are identified with the Charger lightning bolt; this makes sense since when ignited they run right at Jason much like a Pirate Charger.


  • Other enemies might lose health or burn because of the Molotovs. They can also set foliage on fire.
  • Do not engage in close combat when the Pirate Molotov Thrower is on fire, but shoot from a distance instead.
  • They have weak armour and can be killed with any type of gun. Their head is an especially weak spot.
  • When stealthy, they can be taken down with a normal Takedown.
  • If killed while set on fire, but not running, he will "dance" whilst dead (it is currently unknown if this is a bug or a type of Easter egg in the game).
  • Their drunken, erratic movements can make it difficult to score a headshot on them at long range. Due to their low durability and lack of armour, it is often better to simply shoot them in the torso.
  • They seem to be drunk, as they stumble and actually drink from the bottles they throw at enemies. This most likely means they drink the leftover alcohol after they craft the molotovs.
  • It is possible to shoot the incoming molotov with a shotgun, making the molotov explode in midair.
  • Their eyes appear to be clouded over from substance abuse.

Mission Appearance Edit

  • Piece of the Past (First Mission Appearance)
  • Down in the Docks
  • The Motherlode
  • Lin Cong I presume
  • Payback
  • Defusing the Situation (Last Appearance)

Quotes Edit

  • "Have a drink!" - When throwing a molotov
  • "Burn,motherfucker!"- When throwing a molotov
  • "Shit! motherfucker!" - When throwing a molotov
  • "He's gonna shit!" - Can be heard while undetected
  • "Just one more hit." - Can be heard while undetected
  • "Just make it stop." -Can be heard while undetected
  • "Pretty, Pretty."-Can be heard while undetected
  • "ill make it stop, just one more hit"-Can be heard while undetected

Gallery Edit

Other variants of Molotov Throwers

Molotov Thrower 2

Molotov Thrower 2 shaven

Molotov Thrower 3

Molotov Thrower 3 full beard

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