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The Pirate Heavy Gunner is a type of Pirate in Far Cry 3, who uses brute force to compensate for low mobility. Unlike their Privateer Heavy Gunner counterparts, they do not have very good gear (as one can see by his welding mask and the lack of padding below the waist line). Heavy Gunners are the strongest type of Pirates, and are also one of the most difficult enemies to kill throughout the game.

Heavy Gunner

The only variant of Heavy Gunner


  • Pirate Heavy Gunners are the second most durable enemy type in the game, able to survive about 50 to 60 assault rifle rounds to the torso before dying.
  • The weakest point of the Heavy Gunner is his mask, so try to get headshots with a shotgun or sniper rifle.
  • The back of the Heavy Gunner's head is completely without armour allowing you to kill him with a single headshot without having to destroy his mask first.
  • The Pirate Heavy Gunner's legs and arms are also without armour, but it still takes a very large number of shots to these areas to kill them.
  • They cannot be killed with a normal Takedown; the only takedown that will work is the Heavy Beatdown.
  • Fire can lower the health of a Heavy Gunner quickly. Molotov Cocktails and Flamethrowers are most useful.
  • A well-placed explosive will do as well.
  • A single Flame Arrow will make short work of a Heavy.
  • A direct shot from a Flare Gun will kill them instantly.
  • The Ripper makes quick work of them when headshot. The bullets go through their mask.
  • The DShK which is mounted on a jeep, can kill a Heavy Gunner in 1-3 Headshots, if you kill a Heavy gunner with a headshot, you will get 200 xp points.
  • He doesn't wear any armor on his shoes, shooting at his feet will kill him fast
  • A shot in the back of the head with a sniper rifle will kill them.

Mission Appearance Edit

  • Kick the Hornet's Nest (First Mission Appearance).
  • Piece of the Past.
  • The Motherlode.
  • Lin Cong I Presume.
  • Warrior Rescue Service.
  • Payback.
  • Defusing the Situation (Last Appearance).


  • Unlike other enemies, the pirate heavy gunner is bulky beneath his armour.
  • They wear the same chestplate as both the pirate defenders and the boss variants.
  • Versions of the Heavy Gunner armed with a Flamethrower, similar to the Privateer Heavy Flamers, appear only in co-op.
  • Much like other pirates,the Heavy Gunner's English is quite poor.
  • The Heavy Gunner seems to be the only enemy in the game who wears sandals, which is odd because they are one of the toughest enemies to kill.
  • If Killed with a headshot, he will give you 200 xp points, if killed normally, he will give 50 xp points.
  • This, the Privateer Heavy Gunner and the Privateer Heavy Flamer are all taller than any other character.
  • If the player manages to shoot his mask of, he will looks a little bit like this picture of Benny Hill:"
  • It seems to be rare of the Heavy Gunners, who likes Rook Islands., while some others dislike Rook Islands.


  • "Let me show you how a man fights"-When attacking
  • "HA HAA This is fun"-When attacking
  • "I barely felt that!"- When under fire
  • "Tag bitch! You're it again!" -When attacking
  • "You can't hide from me! " -When attacking
  • "Run home and get a bigger gun!"- In combat
  • "Is that all you Got!"- In combat
  • "Dead...fuck you" - When killed
  • "Not....possible"- When killed
  • "You fucker, I got to find you again?!"- When he lost the player
  • "Take away the flies, it's not bad here"- When undetected
  • "Fucking Island"- When undetected
  • "Fuck me!"- When hearing gunshot or finding another Pirate dead.
  • "Can't Wait to leave this Rock"- When undetected
  • "AHH It's hot"- When undetected
  • "Huuuuuhhhhh"- When undetected
  • "She is going to leave me, ME."- When undetected
  • "Down boy!" -When hitting player with his PKM
  • "Stay down!" -When hitting player with his PKM
  • "Get down bitch!" -When hitting player with his PKM
  • "Kill my friends, You're fucking dead!" -When finding other pirates dead
  • "Eye for an eye motherfucker"-when searching for the player
  • "When I find you....."-When searching for the player

Gallery Edit

No masked Heavy Gunner

Pirate Heavy Gunner, without welding mask

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