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The Pirate Berserker is a type of Pirate wielding an M133 shotgun. He is similar to the Pirate Charger, only more reckless and slightly slower. The Berserker occasionally wears white face paint along with the iconic shotgun bandolier across the torso. Berserkers are often found walking along paths with another pirate, or driving in technicals.

Berserker 1

Berserker 1 with tied hair and big red headband

Tips Edit

  • Avoid close range combat with the Berserker. His shotgun will drastically lower your health.
  • Because of their high charge speed, it is advised to use a fast firing weapon.
  • Their movement is fairly predictable, since they simply charge straight at you, rarely using cover. This makes headshots easy.
  • Going to an unreachable place, such as a rooftop, will make Berserkers stop pursuing you and stand in the open, firing their shotgun ineffectively. This applies to the machete-wielding Pirate Charger as well.
  • They usually laugh psychotically while charging to the player, which helps give away the direction they are coming from.
  • A boss version exists but can only be found in wanted dead missions.


  • The word berserker means someone who fights with reckless rage and disregard to life, even their own.

Laughs Edit

as stated, when they charge towards Jason, they will make psychotic laughs, sounds like this.

  • "HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!" -When charging towards Jason.
  • "Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!" -When charging towards Jason.
  • "AHAHAHA AHAHAAA!" -When charging towards Jason.
  • "Muahahahaa hahahaah!" -When charging towards Jason.
  • "Muahahahahaa Ohahahaho!" -When charging towards Jason.
  • "Charge Ahahahahahaaaa!" -When charging towards Jason. (Somehow also used by other Pirates with guns, exept for Heavy Gunner)
  • "Charge Ohahahaho!" -When charging towards Jason. (Somehow also used by other Pirates with guns, exept for Heavy Gunner)

Gallery Edit

Other variants of Pirate Berserkers

Berserker 1.1

Berserker 1 with facepaint

Berserker 2

Berserker 2 bald

Berserker 2.1

Berserker 2 with facepaint

Berserker 3

Berserker 3 with mohawk and smaller red headband

Berserker 3.1

Berserker 3 with facepaint

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