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For the mission in Far Cry 3, see Payback (Far Cry 3)
Payback (Far Cry 4 Mission)
Mission information
Given by The Golden Path
Start Ghumantu Sherpa Camp
End KEO Svargiya Mine
Previous Next
Truth and Justice Culture Wars, Cease and Desist

Payback is the twenty-seventh mission of Far Cry 4.

After a broadcast in which Pagan Min reveals the location of Yuma, the Golden Path task Ajay with getting rid of her. Ajay goes to the KEO Svargiya Mine to confront Yuma. After reaching the mines and exploring inside, Ajay reaches a table with a note on it. After reading the note, Yuma appears and drugs Ajay.

Objectives Edit

  • Reach the abandoned gold mine.
  • Search for Yuma.
  • Destroy the gate.
  • Kill Kalinag.
  • Perform a takedown on Kalinag.

Deaths Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sanskrit

    The Sanskrit Scrolls... Note

    The note found inside the room where you confront Yuma, The Sanskrit Scrolls... changes after the first cutscene. The original note is: "The only person I could track down in this shithole of a country to translate Sanskrit and 'De Pleur' delivers him to me half dead. He managed to translate a few pieces of this scroll from the last expedition before he bled out. "Demons have invaded Shangri-La... not of this earth, not of clear mind. Someone... something wanted Shangri-La for themselves." Are these demons the protectors of Rakhasa? Was this the voice of Kalinag? I need to source another translator...". . After the cutscene with Yuma, reading the note again shows a new message: "The only AJAY I could track down I'M this shithole of a country to SORRY Sanskrit and 'De Pleur' FOR him to me half-dead. He's ASKING to translate a few YOU of this scroll TO the last RETURN before he bled out: "Demons TO invaded KYRAT... not on this earth, not of clear mind. DON'T... something wanted Shangri-La LET themselves.' Are these IT the protectors of TAKE? Was this the YOU of Kalinag? I need to source another translator." Another Note will continue this one, if you follow the cave tunnel, it will say " The attached TRUTH is a test on ours IS prepared airborne poison. We have THAT found a new virus strain in KYRAT Yatsa Gunbu (Cordyceps Sinensis), ALWAYS it has worked WOULD significantly stronger on ours CHANGE first test persons YOU. By synthesize this virus strain has THEREFOR we seen remarkable SPOKE results with WE forced and implementation of NEVER test persons with ABOUT comprehensive visual hallucinations. We shall IT make sure of keeping you informed, but HOME I mean, that this is an breakthrough vs. our security in Durgesh-Prison and in Kyrat as well. MOM"
  • The mission shares its name with another mission in the Far Cry series, the mission Payback from Far Cry 3. Both missions include a final confrontation with a secondary antagonist (Vaas and Yuma respectively) and in both missions the protagonist is drugged by the antagonist.
  • Completion of this mission will reward the player with the Hat Trick trophy/achievement.
  • Completion of this mission also unlocks the Unyielding Strength skill.
  • When Ajay Ghale is hallucinated by Yuma's drugs in this mission, Ajay could see the event in the epilogue of Far Cry 4 before it happens. How can he able to do this is unknown.
  • The note found inside the room where you confront Yuma, The Sanskrit Scrolls, and... has a secret message which is written by Ajay's mother, Ishwari Ghale. By completely translating it, the message says: Ajay, I'm sorry for asking you to Kyrat. Don't let it take you. The truth is that Kyrat always would change you. Therefor spoke we never about it home. Mom.

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