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The rare Maneater shark can be found here

Path of the Hunter missions are unlocked by liberating Outposts in Far Cry 3.

They challenge you to hunt animals for their skin or to avenge people they killed. They must be killed using either the supplied weapon or using a melee weapon. Some animals are rare and can only be encountered on these quests. The rare animal skin can be used to make the highest tiers of crafting, like the Extended Loot Rucksack, Wallets, etc. The rare animals usually differ from their common counterparts of the same species, but are seldom far away from them.

For more details see Animals - Path of the Hunter.

Legendary Animal LocationsEdit

Albino Crocodile Bridge Control N/A
Black Panther Orphan Point Syringe Kit
Blood Komodo Cliffside Overlook Grenade Pouch
Golden Tiger Mosquito Yard Ammo Pouch
Maneater Shark

Kell's Boat Repair's

Arrow Quiver
One Horn Buffalo Camp Murder Wallet
Undying Bear Cradle Gas Loot Rucksack
White Belly Tapir Rust Yard Munitions Pouch
Yellow Neck Cassowary AM12 Flamethrower Fuel Sling

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