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The P08 is a sidearm-capable pistol that appears in Far Cry 5.

“This semi-automatic's sleek design and accuracy make this pistol the choice by countless Hollywood villains.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The base model, the P08 appears in Far Cry 5 as a sidearm-capable handgun.

The P08 can be fitted with a suppressor, extended magazine, and a skin.

Notably, it lacks the ability to affix an optical sight, making it iron sight-only. It is important to remember this when using the Suppressor Cylinder, as the suppressor will obscure the front sight post, making long-distance aiming relatively difficult.


“Don't let the cutesy look fool you. This gun is a real heartless SOB.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The personal reward from the Heartbreaker Live Event, the Pastel Power is the unique variant of the P08.

Having a pink heart pattern motif, the Pastel Power is perfect for giving your love to a companion. Whether or not the love you give them is the gun itself, or a 9x19mm NATO round is a different story.



  • The P08 is based on the German version of the Luger Pistol, notably the Pistol Model 1908 (P08), from which it takes its name.[1]
  • Like the majority of the handguns in Far Cry 5, using the Cylinder Suppressor obscures the front sight post, making aiming at range difficult. The fact the P08 can not be fitted with an optical sight makes this even more of an issue, as it further increases the difficulty of long-range aiming.
  • Unlike many other previous event weapons, a standard variant of the P08 was not added to the game immediately at the end of the event; instead, it was added several days later, on 12 July 2018.
  • In the sense that the Pastel bio is using it, SOB is a derogatory acronym for "Son of a bitch"


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