The Owl is a tamable animal encountered in Far Cry Primal.

FCP CM Challenge8 712x384 245979

The Owl in battle against an Izila warrior


The new spirit guide to the Wenja warrior Takkar

Description Edit

The owl first appears to Takkar in the mission The Vision of Beasts. It acts as the Wenja's guide, teaching him about how to see through the bird's eyes. Once the vision is completed, the spirits name Takkar the Beast Master.

Usefulness Edit

The owl acts as the equivalent of binoculars in Far Cry Primal. It is able to observe a large area, and tag visible enemies on the HUD and minimap.

Additionally, it can be directed to attack and kill a single enemy, as well as deploy aerial bomb drops of various types, before enacting a cooldown until its next use.

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