Overboard is a Far Cry 3 co-op mission.

Under the Radar Edit

  • Make your way to the ship yard
  • Clear the pirates out of the village

Heavy Machine gun is on far side of the village.

  • Meet at the raft

Ready, Aim Shoot!Edit

  • Protect the raft from pirates.

Uses PKM to defeat pirates. Points are given for kills and headshots.

Taking the High Road Edit

  • Continue towards the beach
  • Finish off the remaining pirates

A heavy machine gun is in the starting group.

  • Start the generatior to turn the crane.
  • Defend the generator until the zipline is in reach
  • Gather at the end of the zipline

Safer Waters Edit

  • Get to the artillery on the beach
  • Find rockets and destroy the ship
  • Continue through the cave

Breaking and Entering Edit

  • Continue through the cave

Heavy flamethrower is one of the first enemies.

  • Find the back entrance to the shipyard

Heavy machinegunner is past the midpoint of the village.

  • Find and plant an explosive on the gate

Destroying the gate released a heavy flamer

Pay on Delivery Edit

  • Find a boat engine inside the shipyard
  • Start the car winch to move the engine
  • Defend the engine until it reaches the shore

Heavy flamer usually approaches from the right, but can appear elsewhere.

  • Refuel the car
  • Defend the engine until it reaches the shore
  • Clear the remaining pirates

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