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Outposts in Far Cry Primal act like they do in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. However they have no alarms, but warning horns. The Udam or Izila Warner will spot the player, and run for the horn. Each Outpost covers an area where Udam or Izila tripe will spawn. When liberated you will gain XP and Citizens, and the camp will become a fast travel location.

Tips Edit

  • If all the horns are destroyed, you have avoided reinforcements.
  • The Horns are white marked and can be spotted by the Owl.
  • If you have killed the Warner's, and get spotted, the regular troopers will sound the horn and call for reinforcements.
  • Because of the large amount of troopers, you are recommended to use Mammoth's or bigger tamed animals like Cave Bears, Bears and Sabretooths.
  • You can recognize the outpost by the drumming tones and smoke clouds.
  • Some outposts have Chieftains, they can be hard to take out. Make sure the Heavy Takedown skill is unlocked, or ride on a Mammoth, in order to take care of them easier.
  • Use your Owl to drop Berserker Bombs, these will make the troopers insane and begins to fight eachothers. Doing this you will avoid using amounts of arrows and spears.