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Postos Avançados

An Outpost in Kyrat

An Outpost is a capturable location in Far Cry 4. When you capture an outpost, it becomes yours and gives you a fast travel location, an automated store and unlocks some side quests (Kyrat Fashion Week, Eye for an Eye, Kyrat Films, Hostage Rescue, Outpost Master, Assassination, Hunting: Control, Hunting: Survival).

Unlike the Far Cry 3 outposts, these can be attacked occasionally by the Royal Army/Royal Guard when you are in the area. However, this can prevented by capturing the Fortress in the region. If the player does not defend the Outpost nothing will happen. However, if the player does help the Golden Path defend the outpost, he will have to fight some soldiers and after beating them, the player will earn XP and money according to their performance (based mainly on how many enemies they kill during the attack).

Outposts in Southern Kyrat. Edit

Outposts in Northen Kyrat. Edit

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