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Full map of Oros.

Oros is a land during the Mesolithic time period of the Stone Age. It was an ancient glacier located in the North of Central Europe most likely modern day Germany and Poland that melted at the end of the last ice age, which then became a very fertile valley, and the setting of Far Cry Primal.[1]


Oros (comes from the Greek word Όρος/Βουνό, which translates to "Mountain" in English[2]) is very diverse with wildlife such as deer, goats, boars, eagles, as well as Pleistocene megafauna such as Woolly Mammoths, Sabretooth Tigers, Wolves, Cave Bears, Woolly Rhinos, and Irish Elks.

Inhabitants & Geography Edit

Oros is home to three groups of peoples: The Wenja, the beast-masters; the Udam, the flesh-eaters; and the Izila, the fire-wielders. The Wenja are likely based on the real-world Cro-Magnon, the Udam - the Neanderthals, and the Izila - Homo sapiens.

Oros is divided into three geographical regions. These peoples live in: the Valley, in the centre; the Arctic Tundra, in the north; and the Marshlands, in the south; respectfully.

Map controversy Edit

About a week after the game was initially released (Worldwide: February 23, 2016)[3], GamePressure broke the story that Far Cry Primal "recycled" a large section of Far Cry 4's map[4]. Many other gaming news outlets followed suit, including Kotaku[5]; VG247[6]; Eurogamer[7]; and even Forbes, under their Insert Coin segment[8].

The "recycled" part was in fact the whole of South Kyrat, and a small part of south-western North Kyrat. The similarities can be seen when comparing both maps side to side.

The only original areas created specifically for Primal are: the northernmost area (where the Bloodtusk Mammoth is found), and the two southernmost marshland areas (where Batari's compound and the Snowblood Wolf are located).



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