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Omega Force Molotox Striker

"The hottest heads of the Omega Force squad. Once the battle starts, these aggressive soldiers don’t stop tossing fire. Make sure to keep a safe distance from their ranged attacks. You’ll need sharp reflexes to keep your targeting reticule on them because they don’t stop moving."
— Data Console

The Omega Force Molotox Striker is one of the first enemies encountered in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Usually along side Assaulters, they have no long ranged weaponry, have little armour, but what they do have are Molotoxes, (sort of a futuristic Molotov), although this may not seem like much of a threat, they are extremely deadly. They are silent, quick, and can set an entire field on fire instantaneously. They are very accurate and precise with there throws, but even if they miss, the fire that spreads throughout the foliage will not. They mostly can be found out on patrol with Assaulters and sometimes at garrisons, but either way, do not underestimate them.

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