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Omega Force Heavy Gunner

"The Heavy Gunner class of Omega Force is a walking tank of destruction. Armed with a powerful minigun that will bring epic punishment to enemies, should you encounter him, engage this elite soldier with extreme caution. Shooting off his helmet is a smart way to get through his heavy armor more quickly."
— Data Console

The Omega Force Heavy Gunner is an enemy type in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

They are extremely powerful and difficult to kill, especially early in the game. But they are rarely encountered compared to the other Omega Force foot soldiers. As a low ranked individual it is smart to usually avoid them unless taking on a garrison, but once ranked up you gain the ability to preform a takedown on them. It is advisable to target them right after getting rid of Snipers when attacking a garrison. They are very slow, so use this to your advantage, but once you have been spotted the best you can do is aim for the head and try to shoot off their face plate, or use explosives and or fire. The only easy way to kill a Heavy Gunner is with the Killstar.

Heavy Gunners are extremely well armored, able to survive a little over 100 rounds from the unupgraded Fazertron before dying. They can be killed with 4-5 shots from the Galleria 1991 shotgun, 7 shots from the Kobracon rifle, or 24 shots from the upgraded Fazertron with laser rounds. Alternatively, their helmets can be knocked off with several bullets, opening them to headshots.

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