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Omega Force Assaulter

"The first line of cyborg assault of Sloan’s Omega Force army. Not the brightest military operatives the world has seen, the Omega Force Foot Soldiers may think slowly but they move fast once they spot a threat. Maintain a distance and shoot them in the head to quickly get rid of them."
— Data Console

The Omega Force Assaulter (or Foot Soldier) is the most common enemy in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

In small numbers they are not much of a challenge, but when found in larger numbers, which they usually are, they pose a much greater threat. They will attack in force and use tactics such as flanking. They have little armour and decent firepower, they are easily distracted and easily assassinated. They can be found anywhere at any time on the island, and where there is one, there are always more.

They appear very similar to the Omega Force Berserker, which are differentiated by a red-coloured uniform and carrying close range shotguns; these can be more lethal, but only at close range.

They have average health and can be killed with 6 Fazertron rounds, 8 A.J.M. 9 rounds, or a single hit from the Bow, Galleria 1991 shotgun, or Kobracon rifle.

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