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The Omega Force line up

“When you’re among the best, dying for your country means coming back as a super-deadly cyber-commando. You’ve got killer skills, the deadliest toys, and a buff chrome finish that would make muscle-cars wet. The downside? Your love of kittens and crochet has been swapped out for Sloan’s combat subroutines and a suicidal loyalty to a man with less self-control than a child-star who hit puberty.”
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Omega Force is the primary enemy faction in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

It is an army of Mark-V cybercommandos under the direct command of Colonel Ike Sloan, the main antagonist of Blood Dragon and arch-enemy of Sgt. Rex "Power" Colt. Though they can be considered inferior to the Mark-IV cybercommando (in terms of physical ability and cunningness) they are rid of most of their memories after transformation and possess a much higher sense of discipline and loyalty causing them to lose sense of independent thought and personality in placement of complete subordination to their superiors.

Omega Force soldiers are similar to Privateers in Far Cry 3 by way of their combat skills and damage resistance. Their appearance is also similar, such as the shape of their helmets and uniform patterns. They speak through a robotic filter, giving them a voice similar to that of Microsoft Sam.

Omega Force troopsEdit

Omega Force soldiers come in two basic types: regular and heavy, in addition to this, they have a variety of weapons and also come in regular and elite variants. Elite variants are tougher versions of the regular troops and are denoted by having a yellow uniform and when "marked" have a yellow symbol instead of a white one presented above their heads.

Regular soldiers have Fazertrons (assault rifles), Galleria 1991s (shotguns), Kobracons (sniper rifles), and Molotox(fire grenades). Shotgun and Molotox troopers have a lightning symbol when scanned and act as shock troopers, with the shotgunners running in to close quarters and the Molotox troopers running to throwing range and then keeping their distance. Molotox troopers can be hit in the chest to ignite their bottles (grenades) which will set them on fire, be careful though as they will still run at you while ablaze in the form of a kamikaze strike. Kobracons have a targeting reticle and act as snipers. Assaulters have a bullet symbol and tend to fire from cover. These troops can be Taken Down from the start of the game and take two melee attacks to kill after the tutorial and die by one arrow hit.

Heavy soldiers are slow moving and heavily armored. They can take 8–10 arrows to kill, so the bow is not recommended. They take 4–5 melee attacks to kill and can only be Taken Down when you get the Heavy Beatdown ability. As you might expect they are tougher than normal troopers. To counter this, they are fairly easy to knock down and then rush in to finish them off with quick melee attacks. They have two weapons, the Flamer and the Terror 4000 mini-gun. Heavy Flamers have an additional weakness which is their flame tanks which if shot explodes killing the user and anyone near it.

Additionally, Omega Force has Robo Dogs that can sniff you out, even if you are hiding. They can be distracted by dice and have about the same health as the regular troopers.

After the "I Don't Deal with Psychos, I Put 'Em Away" mission, Running Dead are added to the Omega Force troops. Although they will attack Omega Force troopers, they will also attack Scientists and Rex. They are armed with the Dragon Blade in the mission and roam the island afterwards, they also carry shotguns. They will not attack each other. Though they take 4–5 melee attacks to kill, they are not as armored as heavy troopers and die by two arrows. Additionally, they do not seem to be effected by flame weaponry.

Running Dead are always "marked" with the lightning bolt symbol and the ones carrying shotguns behave similarly to the regular shotgun troopers. Unlike the troopers, Running Dead can detect you, in a sense, similar to Robo Dogs, becoming active just by being near you and alerting other nearby Running Dead. While they will appear on the mini-map even if they are not marked like alerted enemies usually do, they do not actually "see" you until they have line of sight.


  • Omega Force soldiers and the Running Dead are the only enemy types whose heads explode when shot.
  • Their combat dialogue consists of Privateer lines spoken in a robotic voice.
  • The Omega Force is like a faction of Pirates and Privateers combined with different models and robotic voices.
  • Omega Force Beserkers will cock their Galleria 1991's normally rather than flip cocking it like Rex.
  • A side mission in Far Cry 5 involves the player helping shoot scenes for the movie, "Blood Dragon 3" and completing the mission awards the Omega Force outfit for use.


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