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Occidental Growers Company
Occidental Growers Company 1
Region Leboa-Sako
Missions involved in Grow Op
Occidental Growers Company

Occidental Growers Company is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the eastern sector of the Leboa-Sako district.

In the UFLL mission Grow Op, the player is sent there to destroy some irrigation pumps in a greenhouse. If the player subverts this mission, a buddy will use a defoliant on this area, destroying all the vegetation. It has large fields of plants, which provide visual cover so that enemies can't see you, but provide little to no cover from enemy fire. Whatsmore, the open nature and snipers make this location through.


Before the civil war, an unknown European chemical company has built a factory that manufactures pesticides in the UAC. During the civil war, the APR provided protection for the company, thus letting their operations continue, therefore being the only company still present in the UAC during the war. The UFLL captain in Leboa-Sako, Leon Gakumba is angry at this for the APR letting this company produce harmful chemicals. The player is then contracted to destroy the irrigation pumps at their greenhouse in order to stop the company's operations completely.

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