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1000px-Rook islands

The large northern island of the Rook Islands

The North Rook Island is the unnamed large northern island of the Rook Islands. The first half of the story of Far Cry 3 and the whole story of The Far Cry Experience take place on this island.

The ruler on the island is Vaas Montenegro. Dangerously insane, Vaas operates out of a hidden fortress in the vicinity of the island and oppresses and exploits the island's people. 

The North Island has a lot more and denser forest than the South Rook Island, and less open plains. There are a lot of towns, temples and ruins on the northern island, most notable are Amanaki and Citra's Temple.


FC3 Worldmap Level 1

In-game map of the North and South Island


  • The island is unofficially called North Rook Island. It is never learned in game whether the island has an actual name or whether it is simply known by its geographical location. It is possible that it is simply called North Rook Island and along with its southern counterpart makes up the Rook Islands. 

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Far Cry 3 - N-Island - with Markers Q60

In-game map of the North Island with location markers (spoilers!)

Far Cry 3 - N-Island - Clean Q60

Clean in-game map of the North Island

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