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Multiplayer is a feature that enables multiple players to play together using either split screen from the same console, LAN with multiple consoles connected together, or online play. The multiplayer is almost always competitive.

Far Cry 2Edit

The multiplayer in Far Cry 2 keeps most of the features present in the single player, such as fire propagation and dynamic day-time. There are four game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamonds and Uprising.

The first two are simple matches of free-for-all and teams. Capture the Diamond is a modified Capture the Flag, and Uprising is an original mode.

In Uprising, teams are assigned a random captain each. Various diamonds are placed in the map, and only the captain can capture them. If a team captures all the diamonds, their objective is to kill the enemy captain. However, the enemy captain can still reverse the roles by re-capturing the diamonds. The team that completes the objectives wins.

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