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"Ancient and feared, this great hunter has not evolved in millennia because it's been perfect for so long; It proves that the truth does not need to be perfected or embellished."
— King Min's Kyrat

The Mugger Crocodile is a reptilian predator in Far Cry 4. It is possible to get it to attack an elephant if you ride one close to it. It will attack, but it cannot kill the elephant. The Mugger Crocodile is indeed real, found throughout the Indian subcontinent and surrounding continents like Pakistan where the sindhu crocodile is known as the National Reptile of Pakistan. They can be found on the banks of the river or lakes. They are very deadly and fast predators.Every animal will flee away from the river if it spots the crocodile exept elephant that explain why elephant are attacked by crocodiles.

Trivia Edit

  • It is rare to find the crocodiles in Far Cry 4. Killing and skinning it will give you the Mugger Crocodile skin, and while the description says it can be used for crafting, no item in the game requires crocodile skins.
  • Although very rare, the Mugger Crocodile can kill a Sambar. Also, after capturing a certain bell tower, it will reveal Danger Dashed. The crocodile is seen killing a civilian. Both events are very rare.
Far Cry® 42015-9-23-21-10-12

Mugger crocodile standing still

Gallery Edit


A dead Crocodile

Far Cry® 42015-9-23-21-9-46

Mugger hunting sambar

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