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Mud Maze is a multiplayer map in Far Cry 2.

It is included with the game. This medium-sized map takes place in a village of mud huts at the edge of a cliff. The huts in the village appear to be Dogon huts. There are no vehicles except hang gliders on the cliff above the village. The map is created by Ubisoft.

The  Far Cry 2  Multiplayer Maps
Main game Dirty Work · Last Bastion · Pit Bull · Love Shacks · Mud Maze · Cut Bait · Riot Control · Coup D'Etat · Rumble Strip · Rusty Beef · Far Cry · Crude Awakening · Clear Cut · Sand Blasted
Fortunes Pack DLC Jungle Seizure · Cheap Labor · Last Resort · Lake Smear · Fort Fury

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