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Mounted MKG
FC3 cutout machinegun mountedmkg
Category Mounted weapon
Price N/A
Ammunition Possibly .22lr
Magazine size N/A
Maximum ammo N/A
Attachment slots None
Supported attachments None
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"The MKG can be found on both vehicles and fixed emplacements throughout Rook Island. This mounted version is brought to you by glue sticks. They're stronger than you think."
— Survival Guide

The Mounted MKG heavy-machine gun in Far Cry 3. It can be found mounted on some Scavengers, Technicals as well as some RHIBs. It can also be found mounted on buildings as well. The weapon also appears in Far Cry 4 mounted on Technical and RHIBs

Far Cry 4 Edit

They work similarly to in Far Cry 3. Enemies (and allies) may sometimes go for these weapons, and will announce them doing so, giving the player a chance to either take them out (for enemies) or to cover them (for allies). They are more accurate than the DShKs, and have a higher fire rate, making them better for mowing down large groups of enemies. However, they also have less total range, and much lower damage, making them less useful for sniping individual light targets, and taking out armored enemies and vehicles. They also overheat slightly faster than the DShK, due to their higher rate of fire, although the DShK overheats more per shot.


  • It appears to have a much longer barrel than the normal MKG, and thus probably higher accuracy (unconfirmed).

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