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Wildlife: Mountain Lion

"These nocturnal predators are native to the Americas. Some islanders say that they were imported by a rich hunter who was bored with the local wildlife, but intelligence indicates that he tried to import a couple cougars from Texas and was taken literally."
— Survival Guide

Mountain Lions are animals that can be found in the Predator DLC Pack for Far Cry 3, replacing the Black Panther. These felines are based on Leopards, coloured with a different skin and slightly modified. Like Leopards, they are deadly hunters and masters of hiding in tall grass.

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Since they inflict more damage than Leopards, they can be a great way to get rid of pirate patrols. Mountain Lions are found in the tall grassy areas and hilly areas as well.

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In hand-to-hand combat with a Mountain Lion

Location Edit

  • These animals are mostly found in Leopard territory near amanaki town


  • Curiously, skinning a Mountain Lion will yield a Leopard Skin.
  • Mountain Lions have the same sound effects as leopards, which is incorrect since these felines can't roar, but they can make low-pitched hisses, growls, and purrs, as well as chirps and whistles, many of which are comparable to those of domestic cats. They are well known for their screams, as referenced in some of their common names, although these screams are often misinterpreted to be the calls of other animals.

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