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The Monkey Business pack was available from Gamestop (or in some places, Electronics Boutique) as indicated by a press release during opening week of Far Cry 3.

"Meet Hurk, an exclusive quest giver that straps monkeys with explosives and sends them to blow up his enemies. Now when you pre-order at GameStop for Xbox 360® or PlayStation®3 system, you’ll get four bonus missions and two multiplayer humiliations with Hurk and his monkeys."

The DLC is also part of the Deluxe Edition of Far Cry 3 on Steam.

Missions Edit

The DLC adds 4 additional missions that can be completed in the story mode, which involves Hurk and his plans to be recognized as a Rakyat warrior (and hence getting tattooed). The additional missions are:

  1. Dirty diamonds, a task that requires Jason to steal a stash of war diamonds from a pirate controlled stronghold.
  2. Photo op, to kill and photograph 3 Rakyat turncoats.
  3. Big Sally, to save Hurk and escort his barge to safety from a group of privateers; and
  4. Dude! Sub base!, a mission to destroy the privateer's weapon stash in a former sub base.

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