Mk 2 Grenade
Grenade 1
Damage 1-400
(Depends on how close the target is to the grenade when it explodes.)
Maximum Ammunition 6
The  Far Cry  Weapons
Machete · Desert Eagle · M4 · Silent MP5 · P90 · Jackhammer · G36 · OICW · AW50 · M249 · Rocket Launcher · Mk 19 · Minigun · M2 · Mk 2 Grenade · Flashbang · Smoke Grenade

The Hand (Frag) Grenade is the best tool to use to clear rooms, disperse enemies from cover and kill groups of foes.

Players are capable of carrying up to 6 frag grenades at a time, and can cycled between other types depending on the circumstances. The blast radius of the frag grenade is powerful enough to create a 4ft square area of charred earth, killing close enough enemies .

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