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Far Cry 3Edit

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Category Explosives
Price $25
Magazine size 1
Maximum ammo 6
Attachment slots None
Supported attachments None
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"These mines have motion sensors instead of relying on tripwires. Sounds like my ex-wife's garage opener. Hey, there's an idea..."
— Survival Guide

The land mine is an explosive in Far Cry 3. It is a powerful anti personnel & vehicle explosive that works by contact fuse. It can decimate anything that moves, including vehicles with or without machine guns and -of course- any kind of infantry, including heavies.

Uses Edit

A very useful weapon in the hands of the tactical skilled player. It is useful for stealth take-overs. When placed on roads, it is also an excellent weapon to ambush vehicles. The explosion of a mine taking out a vehicle can attract the attention of additional enemy forces. Mines are useful for capturing outposts which regularly have vehicle traffic through them, because the mine taking out the vehicle patrol will draw the garrison from their positions, as well as block the road for a time against further patrols.

Trivia Edit

  • The landmine is modelled after the Italian TS-50.
  • It is interesting to note that (on the Xbox 360) using the left trigger to place the mine makes it able to be picked back up. Using the right trigger fixes the mine to the ground, unable to be picked up.
  • If you want to blow off the wall while finding a relic, but out of C4, mines could do the trick. Just place them near the wall and shoot the mine. Be careful not to blow yourself up when standing too close to it.


Far Cry 3 Blood DragonEdit

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"Mines. You stick ‘em in the ground and they blow up when someone steps on them. Maybe whoever invented them had a foot phobia. It could happen, right? Some people have a foot fetish, so someone's gotta be walking around, thinking: “Legs should start at the knees.” So they invent the mine. Or maybe they just didn’t like people. Either way, whoever made them was a dick."
— Data Console

The Mine also makes an appearance in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. It does the same amount of damage and uses the same model.


Far Cry 4Edit

Mines return in Far Cry 4, but this time being slightly weaker. They now do slightly less damage. While good at covering your flanks from enemies, or sealing off doorways where you can be flanked from, they aren't as good as C4 when it comes to setting traps, as the mines detonate when the enemy is in close proximity, meaning that they likely won't take out more than 2-3 enemies, whereas with C4 you can wait until a group of enemies get into the blast radius, then detonate the C4, allowing you to effectively kill more enemies.


Far Cry 5 Edit

Mine is return in Far Cry 5. Now the mine can be thrown from the vehicles.

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