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Meet Citra
Citra Montenegro 2
Mission information
Faction Rakyat
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward New Tatau
More skills unlocked
Start Dr. Earnhardt's mansion
End Citra's Temple
Previous Next
Keeping Busy Bad Side of Town

Meet Citra is the eleventh mission of Far Cry 3.

Jason visits Citra to seek the help of the Rakyat against Vaas's pirates. Citra asks Jason to retrieve something that has been lost, and invites him to drink a mixture, which causes him to pass out and fall into a dream. In the dream, Jason sees his friends, a man in white suit, a shanty town, and an Asian ceremonial knife. After Jason wakes up, he surmises that Citra is looking for the knife, and Dennis points him to the shanty town in the east.



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