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Mary May Fairgrave
Name: Mary May Fairgrave
Status: Alive
Role: Ally
Age: 25
Date of birth: 1993
Birthplace: Holland Valley, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Residence(s): Hope County, United States
Alias(es): The Barkeep
Affiliation: The Junior Deputy
The Resistance
Casey Seagal
Profession: Bartender
Game: Far Cry 5

Mary May Fairgrave is an ally and local resident of Hope County, Montana during the events of Far Cry 5.

The current owner and bartender of The Spread Eagle bar, Mary May desires revenge against the Seed family and Eden's Gate for destroying her family and driving her father to suicide. With little left to lose, she decides to help The Junior Deputy and The Resistance at any opportunity.


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