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Marty Alencar
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Dossier info
Age 28
Place of Birth São Paulo, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian, nationalized American
Height 5’10”
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Weight 190lbs
Experience USMC (Force protection); SOUTHCOM advisory group Colombia, Peru (retired)

“Loves the action. Not exactly an intellectual, but he can hold his own.
Joined Marines and made Corporal. Did a couple college years then re-enlisted. Made Gunny Sergeant, then went private-sector.
Used to be married to some Egyptian woman. Busy guy for 28 years old.”

Journal Description

Marty Alencar was born in Brazil but is a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. He served in the United States Marine Corps and the SOUTHCOM advisory group in Colombia and Peru.


Marty can be chosen as the player character in Far Cry 2. If he is not chosen, he will appear as a buddy to the player character.


Depending on which character you choose to play as, Marty can appear in either Leboa-Sako or Bowa Seko. If you play as Warren, Josip, Paul, or Quarbani, Marty will appear in the northern district. If you play as Andre, Hakim, Frank, or Xianyong, he will appear in the southern district. He is also considered the "default" character as his picture is seen in numerous previews, reviews, and in-game trailers of Far Cry 2. In addition, he appears in the front cover of the game.


During the progress of the game, Marty may ask you to do a couple of favours for him.


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Trivia Edit

  • Marty has two tattoos on his left arm, one on the forearm which reads "Morte," Portuguese for "death," and a Labarum on his upper arm.
  • When he appears as a buddy he is armed with either an assault rifle or an LMG (an AK47 or FAL Paratrooper in the North, or an FAL Paratrooper, AR-16 or M-249 in the South).
  • He is the only Character than can appear as a buddy either in the North or in the South, depending on the player Avatar chosen.

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