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"Rook fisherman speak of a bull shark with a taste for human flesh. None who set out to catch it were seen again, but one man did manage to get a hook into the monster's mouth before being slowly devoured. Probably should have stayed in bed that day."
— Survival Guide

The Maneater is a rare Bull Shark hunted during a Path of the Hunter mission. The Maneater is similar to a Bull Shark in size and proportions, but is much darker in colour, and is unique in having a fishing hook snared through the bottom of its lower jaw. It has to be killed with a bow, which is complicated by the fact the weapon cannot be used while in water, although there are many ways around this.

Once killed and skinned the Maneater Shark Skin can be used to craft the Extended Arrow Quiver. This allows the user to carry 30 extra arrows and 10 special arrows making this a very efficient quiver.

Hunting TipsEdit

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Hunting the Maneater shark

  • The best tactic is to take a boat to the hunting area and then use it as a platform from which to attack the shark (a Jet Ski will not suffice, as upon dismounting to use a weapon Jason will jump into the water, rendering weapons unusable). By standing on the boat, you will be immune to the shark's attacks and can fire at it freely. If the shark moves out of range before it can be killed, it is usually best to simply wait for it to circle around again rather than chasing after it in the boat; tagging it with the camera will make tracking its movements far easier.
  • If a boat is not readily at hand, there are several large rocks and even a submerged temple in the area that can be used as platforms for the hunt.


Far Cry 3 - Path of The Hunter Gameplay - Maneater Shark06:03

Far Cry 3 - Path of The Hunter Gameplay - Maneater Shark


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