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The Malayan Tapir is an animal that can be found in Kyrat in Far Cry 4. It is one of the animals needed for crafting weapon holsters. Malayan tapirs are peaceful, and run away from, as opposed to attacking, the player. Tapirs will make a noise not unlike a pig when provoked. This trait can be used to locate tapirs, especially since their coat helps them blend in to the environment of Southern Kyrat, specifically the shade of the forest.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Tapirs only exist in South-Eastern Asia, they are found in the Himalayas in-game, far from their native environments.
    • Some of this could be explained by Pagan Min's animal breeding program.
      • However, this program is only mentioned as having bred existing animals in Kyrat, not new ones from other areas of the world.
    • Equally curiously the fact that the Malayan Tapir has very thick skin (which should lead to high health in-game), it's in-game health is only slightly higher than that of most deer and pigs, and slightly lower than that of a Boar.

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