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"Macaques are common on Rook Island. They can be a nuisance, but in a pinch you can train them using CIA techniques to become experienced weapon specialists and trusted squad members. And that's how we could have won the Vietnam War, by outsourcing to monkeys. Just ask Donald Rumsfeld, he knows."
— Survival Guide

Macaques are animals that can be found in Far Cry 3. These are first found in Amanaki Village, where they are kept as pets. It is impossible to kill Macaques in the village due to the fact that all of Jason's weapons are automatically holstered when in the village. However, it is possible to climb a hill outside of the village and use a sniper rifle to kill them. A chance to kill one and unlock the handbook entry will arise in the story mission Down in the Docks

The Preorder DLC Monkey Business gives Macaques another chance to play a role in the game, since they are used by Hurk as living bombs.


Wildlife: Macaque

Far Cry 4 Edit

AssamMacaque page
Assam Macaque is an animal that lives in Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

They are generally passive and will run away from the player.

They are most commonly found in caves and in the Terai area. 

An Assam Macaque as seen in the opening cutscene

3 macaque skins are needed for Wallet Level 2.


  • Macaques are the only monkeys that appear in multiplayer, during Hurk's final moves. If the player chooses to punish the leader of the enemy team, Hurk will arrive quite excited, saying that some of his macaques have learned how to pull pins on grenades, which happens shortly after. If the player shows mercy, Hurk will come with some macaques and gives some 'monkey-free' beers to the 4 players. 

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