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Category SMG
Price 14,000
Attachment slots 0
Supported attachments No

The MP34 is a submachine gun in Far Cry 4. It is generally overlooked for other SMGs available early on, namely the A2000 (similarly to the Mk4 vs the M712).


A World War II weapon, it is noticeably worn and has been fitted with an aftermarket rail in front of the rear sight. It was almost exclusively used by the Waffen-SS until being replaced by the MP40. In the game, it is known for using a 20-round magazine, firing at a controllable but slow rate, having somewhat obstructive sights and having no attachment slots, all of which are often seen as disadvantages. However, it still holds up in the hands of an effective shooter, and can take on Royal Army and smaller animals as well as any other early automatic. It has virtually no recoil, enough accuracy to perform at assault rifle range, and a rate of fire that allows you to conserve the small amount of rounds you get per mag. Although the average player is better advised to either buy a different automatic or capture a Royal Army AK, it isn't a horrible choice, and those that enjoy using classic or simple guns won't be disappointed. Just make sure that you are accurate enough to get enough bullets on target, because you will need a few hits to kill a man, and quite a few to kill a charging tiger.


The signature version of the MP34 is called the Stormer. It is unlocked after removing one Propaganda Poster. Compared to the regular version, the Stormer sports an extended magazine and a red dot sight.



  • The gun is based off the Austrian Steyr-Solothurn MP.34.
  • Despite having a rail for mounting optics, the MP34 cannot be fitted any attachments. The signature variant, the "Stormer", does however have an attached optic.

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