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Category LMG
Ammunition LMG Rounds
Magazine size 100 (Regular, default)
200 (Regular, extended magazine)
400 (Buzzsaw)
Attachment slots 2
Supported attachments Reflex Sight, Red Dot Sight, Optical Sight, Marksman Sight, Extended Magazine
"A relic from WWII, this German machinegun has such a high-rate of fire that it shreds enemy soldiers and has earned the nickname: Hitler's Buzzsaw."
— Weapon descrition.

The MG42 is a general purpose machine gun that appears in Far Cry 4. It was originally used by National Socialist/Fascist Germany during World War II, thus the MGs found in Kyrat are most likely imported. The weapon, befitting its name of "Hitler's Buzzsaw", has a high rate of fire between 900-1200 rounds per minute. The high caliber round of the MG42 is very effective at tearing apart infantry, and coupled with its high rate of fire, it seems to fill the role of an upgraded MKG from Far Cry 3 (yet it is still available in the game).

The MG42 is unlocked after completing the Payback mission and can mount a maximum of two attachments, that being an Extended Magazine, increasing the capacity from 100 to 200 rounds, and one of the following sights: a Reflex Sight, a Red Dot Sight, an Optical Sight, and a Marksman Sight.

Signature Edit

"The modified WWII machinegun equipped to deal with vehicles and armor that weren't around in Hitler's days."
— The Buzzsaw's description.

The Signature variant, the Buzzsaw, has a ridiculously huge ammo capacity at 400 rounds per belt - around twice the size of the 'Ripper' signature LMG, and it empties it at around 20 seconds of non-stop firing, 1200 rounds per minute - and mounts an optical sight for mid-long range engagements. It also sports incredible accuracy and stability for a weapon in its class, even when hip fired. Coupled with outstanding damage per round, the Buzzsaw is a truly devastating weapon even when compared to explosive weapons and other signature armaments.

Even without the permanent double damage perk, it can kill essentially any regular enemy infantry with one bullet, and will kill even the most threatening of Heavy Gunners with only a handful of bullets. Animals, herbivores and predators alike, are no match for the Buzzsaw as even the biggest of them can be downed very quickly by this gun. The Buzzsaw can even rip up trucks in only a few shots, killing the occupants and likely causing an explosion. Perhaps the Buzzsaw's most entertaining use is shooting down helicopters. As long as the player aims for the cockpit, the helicopter can be downed in under a second.

Unfortunately, with all that power, this weapon is game-breaking (becoming boring to play) as there is no effort needed to eradicate the target, so its best avoided if playing for the story element. 1 bullet from the Buzzsaw if aimed at a helicopter engine will bring the craft down.

The Buzzsaw is unlocked for purchase after deactivating all 17 Bell Towers.



  • The real life MG42 is by no means a "light machine gun" and in fact the user would encounter a few problems when holding it like a rifle.
    • Due to the high amount of recoil, accurate fire would be almost impossible and may even knock the user over.
    • The barrel of the gun is prone to overheating from the high rate of fire, so it was designed to have interchangeable barrels. However, Ajay never changes barrels in-game. This could lead to the gun jamming or the barrel exploding, an effect that appeared in Far Cry 2.
    • The size of the rounds used (7.92×57mm Mauser) along with the extended mags upgrade would make the gun VERY heavy and difficult to carry for one person, even still for the Buzzsaw signature variant.
  • When firing, the gases generated by firing can be seen exiting the barrel, causing a shimmering effect in the air around it.
  • The iteration of the MG42 used in the events of Far Cry 4 is slightly altered from its original appearance, most notably missing its stock and ammo box. An odd addition comes in the form of a side mounted grip, leading Ajay to hold the weapon at a slight tilt when standing, but this flattens when crouched.
  • In reality, the MG42 was a feared weapon because of its ultra-high rate of fire (about 20 rounds per second, which created its distinctive "buzzsaw" muzzle report). Because it went through ammo so fast, it was not uncommon for troops operating in the vicinity of machine gunners to carry extra ammunition belts.
  • The MG42 and its descendants are actually still in service by various armies and factions around the world, due to the weapon's reliability and durability.
  • The MG42 has a glitch in Shanath Arena where, instead of hitting the ground, it will simply stay in the air when thrown to Ajay (confirmed for PS4, Xbox ONE, and PC unconfirmed for others).

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