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Damage Low
Magazine Size 30
Maximum Ammunition 150 + 30 rounds
300 + 30 rounds (light assault webbing)
Price 10 Diamond
Reliability upgrade 3 Diamond
Accuracy upgrade 3 Diamond
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond
The  Far Cry 2  Weapons
Melee Machete
(Homemade Machete · Primitive Machete)
Secondary Star .45 · Makarov · Silent Makarov 6P9 · Uzi · Eagle .50 · MAC-10 · M79 · IED · Flare Pistol · Craftsman Shotgun
Primary G3KA4 · AK-47 (Golden) · FAL · AR-16 · MP5 · Homeland 37 · SPAS-12 · USAS-12 · Silenced Shotgun · M1903 · SVD Dragunov · AS50 · MGL-140
Special PKM · M249 · RPG-7 · Carl Gustav · Dart Rifle · LPO-50 Flamethrower · Type 63 Mortar · Crossbow
Mounted Guns M2 .50 cal · M249 · Mk 19
Grenades M67 Grenade · Molotov

The Ingram MAC-10 (Military Armament Corporation Model 10, officially the M10) is a weapon in Far Cry 2. It is the first machine pistol that will become available for use. It can be bought after completing the second convoy mission in the first act. Enemies will wield this after the first faction mission in Act 1 until the first faction mission in Act 2, where it is replaced by the Uzi. Enemies with the M1903 and RPG-7 wield this as a sidearm. Additionally, enemies with the SVD Dragunov, Carl G and Type 63 Mortar wield this as a side-arm until after the first faction mission in Act 2.


The MAC-10 is a highly compact, blowback operated machine pistol developed by Gordon B. Ingram in 1964. It has a simple, low-cost design with few moving parts, making it easy to manufacture and maintain. Although it had a short military career, it has been available and used by gangs and guerilla fighters worldwide. It usually fires .45 ACP or 9mm cartridges.


In combat, the MAC-10 offers an extremely high rate of fire. It is durable enough to last you a couple of missions or gunfights, depending on how many rounds you pop off with it. Because this is a compact, automatic weapon system, it is a perfect sidearm if you are using a sniper rifle, or if you just need to carry another automatic weapon around with you. Be watchful of your ammunition though, as it will use it all up in around one minute of continued fire.

Trivia Edit

  • In Far Cry 2, the MAC-10 is slightly bigger than it should be. Also, the iron sight differs from the real-world MAC-10s.
  • Even though the player holds the weapon with one hand, he has the stock folded out and retracted.
  • In cease fire zones it is possible to see the threads on the barrel that (in reality) accept a proprietary suppressor. No suppressor or suppressed MAC-10 is available in the game however.

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