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The M2 Browning machine gun is a heavy machine gun designed by John Browning towards the end of World War I. The M2 fires the .50BMG, the same cartridge used by the AS50 and gives it its nickname, the "fifty cal". It is the primary heavy machine gun of NATO countries and has been exported worldwide. It is still in use today, only with a few modern improvements.

Far Cry Edit

M2 Browning
M2-Buggy FC2004
Damage 20
Magazine Size Unlimited
Maximum Ammunition Unlimited
Fire Mode Automatic
Ammunition .50
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The M2 machine gun in Far Cry is found mounted on various vehicles like the Buggy, 4WD Vehicle and the Patrol Boat. It has a similar rate of fire and damage as the M-249 SAW but has unlimited ammo and doesn't need to be reloaded. It is very effective at close to medium range but not at long range due to the slow bullet travelling speed and spread.

Gallery Edit

Far Cry 2 Edit

M2 .50 cal
FC2 50 cal stand
Damage High
Maximum Ammunition Unlimited
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The M2 is found mounted on some vehicles in Far Cry 2. It is also found on mounted turrets and sandbag emplacements.

It can be found at your Safe Houses (as vehicle weapon upgrade) by completing subverted buddy missions for the faction missions. In fact, if you complete all of the subverted buddy missions in Act 1, your last upgrade for your Safe Houses will be an assault truck with a mounted M2. This will give you a distinct advantage in Act 1, since no enemy vehicles have the M2 in that act. The enemy will start using the M2 on their vehicles in Act 2.

The M2 is also mounted on the utility truck when you buy the Fortunes Pack DLC. Though it fires slower than the mounted M-249 SAW, it does much more damage per shot and is usually capable of killing an enemy in just two hits.

In general, the M2 .50 cal is more useful than the SAW (especially given that each hit from it appears to do the same amount of damage as a sniper round), although the vehicles with this weapon lack the ability to look much further down than the horizon whilst using it, making it potentially possible to be unable to target a close-up enemy, if the vehicle is in a bad position (the grenade-launching assault truck also has this pitch limitation although with explosives, it matters less).

Although the M2 is not as powerful as the Mk 19, some players may prefer the M2 due to its greater accuracy and lower collateral damage.

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