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For the regular version, see M-700.

M-700 Predator

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FC3 cutout sniper r700
Category Sniper Rifle
Price free (comes with Predator DLC)
Ammunition Sniper Rifle Rounds
Magazine size 10
Maximum ammo 30?
Attachment slots 3
Supported attachments Sound Suppressor

Extended Magazine Illuminated Scope

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"The M-700 rifle alone is a dangerously accurate weapon, but with these aftermarket additions you will be able to take the wings off a fly at 500 meters. Why would you want to do that? Because those flies are bringing the aliens' messages to the other animals. This is the life or death of the human race we're talking about."
— Survival Guide

The M-700 Predator is a sniper rifle available with pre-purchase, deluxe edition, or the predator pack, in Far Cry 3.

In Far Cry 4, it is available as a signature weapon, boasting extended magazine, highlighted scope, custom red paint and silencer.

In Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC the Predator is the only silenced sniper rifle. Look here on how to get it.


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