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Extended Rucksack

Loot Rucksacks are craftable equipment in Far Cry 3. Their purpose is to give the player (Jason) more carrying space for loot, animal skins and leaves. The first rucksack received after the intro/first mission is able to carry 16 objects.

Also see the Loot Rucksacks on the Crafting page.


  • Starting Rucksack: (default) — Able to carry 16 items.
  • Simple Rucksack: (2x Boar Hide) — Able to carry 32 items.
  • Rugged Rucksack: (2x Tapir Hide) — Able to carry 48 items.
  • Heavy Duty Rucksack: (4x Dingo Pelt) — Able to carry 64 items.
  • Extended Rucksack: (1x Undying Bear Leather, Path of the Hunter quest) — Able to carry 96 items.


  • Relics, Memory Cards or Letters of the Lost are not carried in a rucksack because they are not visible there. It is unknown where Jason stores them.
  • Rucksacks can carry things of varied sizes. For example, one cannot put more feathers than the limit of the current rucksack slots into it, even though they are space-efficient. Jason can store the same amount of something larger, though.
  • The most money you can theoretically make from looting is looting 96 Gemstones into an Extended Rucksack while having the skill Dealmaker which allows you to sell for 25% more, which equals to approximately $9600, thus requiring also an Extended Wallet.

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