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Laura Harmon is a character in Far Cry 4. She is Paul "De Pleur" Harmon's wife and the mother of Ashley Harmon. Laura lives with her daughter Ashley Harmon in the United States.

As well as her daughter, Ashley, she calls Paul, but unlike her, Laura does not seem to have much interest in Paul, and probably betrayed him. Because he is not at home much and she feels very alone.

The assumption is that Laura is most likely cheating on Paul. Since he received a letter from Ashley, saying that whenever he travels to work "Uncle John" always stays home, and is always working down in the basement.

Laura does not seem to know about the real work that Paul is doing in Kyrat. During a mission Paul tells her he's in the middle of a meeting, deceiving to torture a likely member of disguised Golden Path.

Whether or not it’s a coincidence, Laura shares her name with Laura Bailey, a famous voice actress and wife of Travis Willingham, who voices Paul.

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